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                                Sub: STATEMENT OF PURPOSE


I am very pleased to introduce myself as xxxxxx Permanent residence of xxxxxx Nepal. I am currently living with my family including my mother and maternal uncle. I was born on xxxxxx in bajung. My strength is I am a fast learner hardworking as well as flexible in different situation. My hobbies are playing football and visiting different places. For my educational and living expenses, I have strongly support from my maternal uncle. He is chief Admin, officer at xxxxxx Nepal. My mother engages in agricultural business. My maternal uncle has made a bank deposit of NPR xxxxxx so the same will be used for my costs.

Academic Background:

Going through my academic background, my parents admitted me to xxxxxx Nepal, which I completed my S.L.C( School Leaving Certificate). As I had been interest in health and medical Science from my childhood I perused my further educations proficient certificate level of General Medical (HA) in xxxxxx under Nepal

 yyyyyy Nepal in the same year. Finally I have completed the course in 2017 A.D. with xxxxxx%. During the course of study, it was wonderful experience to give my time to voluntarily helping the community member by joining xxxxxx. Well as soon as I completed my General Medicine course, I started preparing for IELTS class to that I could apply for desired course in Australia. I took IELTS exam date for 02 December, 2017 and I was able to get an overall score of 6. I would like to upgrade 

my qualification and career studying at xxxxxxxxx which would help me to achieve my career goals and I am certain that at this tenure of study from such institution at Australia will provide me with the best opportunity to achieve my academic goals and will enhance my abilities and qualities which will be fruitful for my professional career.

Why study diploma in community service:

I feel there are few of genuinely inspiration profession and health care service delivery like community service is one of them that provide tremendous sense of living of satisfaction and accomplishment individual live. I believed that, many people in our community didn’t have sufficient knowledge about health care services. As well as May older people didn’t get necessary care and treatment. Health education and Health service is our basic need. I also argue citizens should be healthy to make country better. So I decided to study certificate III, certificate IV in Ageing support and diploma in community service.

Choosing Australia rather than own country Nepal

In my country Nepal, soon after passing the 10 std. (S.L.C) students are offered with either diploma or +2 courses. After completion of any of this course, students have to sit for bachelor level entry in any college. Students from diploma background have to look for abroad for further education because we don’t have any such course as advanced / graduate diploma. And the education system is still lacking behind in term of providing practical training because colleges and institute are unable to provide latest equipment for practical education to students due to this education system in Nepal is mainly based on theoretical and same syllabus is being repeated from several years. There are no any changes with new innovating ideas and concept in teaching. Education system in Nepal even in India lacks international exposure for the students. 

In this era of science of technology the phenomena of learning and teaching here in south Asia is quiet traditional. For example: teacher provides lecture to the student and the student take notes, read the notes and stand in the exams this is how the session gets over in this whole process which shows that no any emphasis on research driven education system. In Nepal, there is also very less diversity of students in the classrooms. Thus an excellent education system with international exposure and diverse culture and people followed by the process based learning process found in Australia has encouraged me to apply as international student to Australia. Australia has become and education hub globally. Everyone is interested to flourish his/her career studying in Australia. I am not being exceptional, my keen interest is to go and take Australian Degree. As I have understood that Australian Degrees recognized all over the world. I understand the course I am attending will have a greater opportunity to get exposed in health care service industry. The Australian education system uses optimum level of technology in providing education. This helps the student to get well prepared for the job after the course. Moreover, the course certificate III in individual support, certificate IV in ageing support and Diploma in community services is suitable course for me that particularly focus on care for community people. This course has larger scope in Nepal too, as the families separating away from the traditional way of living to nucleus family concept. Elderly people need special attention in their health. This has become a real necessity in the community to have health care professionals specializing in aged care services.

Why xxxxxx:

While I was looking for a better college for my further study, I searched for many colleges among them , I have found xxxxxx is suitable for me. I have gained some instrumental ideas about the collage vai internet. Moreover, I have met the college representative in Nepal for twice. After all, I reached into conclusion to get enrolled 

in this college. As myself from a foundation study of health science, this course will offer me further exposure and expertise in health care service delivery. I have done enough research in internet, attended seminars and meeting different college officials after completion of my General Medicine (Health Assistance) course. I met the officer from your college as well as who gave me clear picture about the course and the cost associated in doing diploma. My interest is to flourish my career in human health related subject. While I will be in Australia I will study the course relating to the personal and community health using technology the most, which Nepal and other developing countries lack. I will have an advantage of learning personal and community health using technology. It has a distinct model of learning, strong research performance and a leading reputation for engagement with industry and professions making it stand out from other.

Living Arrangement:

I have already prepared “No Objection Letter” from Ministry of Education of Nepal. These documents will permit me or my sponsor to transfer necessary fees or fund from Nepal to my bank account in Australia. After I reaches to Australia I open bank account and then my sponsor will send me funds through bank transfer in my account.  

        Returning incentives:

My home town is rather a developed area having modern day facilities so that I will easy accomplish myself in my home town. After returning to my home town , I will ask my fellow, friends , emerging ,entrepreneurs, relatives and some community people to establish 'Ages Care Service Center' where I could handle all the necessary arrangements. Hence I will be paid much as a key person.

Finally, I have included all the necessary documents that verify my academic qualifications, financial papers, declaration from my Mother and Maternal uncle. I hope to get positive response from your side, which will significantly help me to build my career as I intend to. I fully assure you that I will abide all the condition imposed on visa and by my Institute.

My Future Career Plan:

 After the completion of my Course, I will be returning back to my home country with quality academic and work experiences to my professional career in my related field. A degree           from   a          reputed         college and relevant experience in Australia will definitely help me to get a good job in Nepal. Many people in my country have suffered            a          lot       due     to        improper      knowledge, so        by using my knowledge and skill     which is         my      strong            desire I expect to have a long career in this field and wide range of benefits. So, I hope to become a part of xxxxxx and hope what I learn will contribute to direct my career towards success while returning to Nepal.       

       The statements mention above is all true in every respect.

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